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1972 - 2018 




      Examples of paintings that will be in the 2018 show. 


by Susan Garrington

"On Top of the World"
by Lois Fuchs

"Fiesta Fish"
by Kate Collins-Thompson

by Amelia Husnik

"Hanging On"
by Carol Drudge

"Gifts from my Garden"
by Helen Bruzas

"Bird of Paradise"
by Penny McLaughlin

"The Hidden Charms of Venice"
by Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams

"Snowy Lake"
by Michael O'Malley

"Covered Bridge"
by Donna Rolston

by Hilda Markson Gray

"Cinnabar Polypore"
by Anita Caveney

"Northern View"
by Anne McLean

"All Around the Rosie"
by Sheri Cappa

"Wooden Ships on the Water"
by Wendy Reid

"Fall's Festival"
by Doris Mills

"Laid Up at Joe Batts Arm"
by Len Hughes

"Home at Dusk"
by Michele Stewart

"Hope Rising"
by Betty Da Costa

"Beet Red"
by Marilyn Kidd

"When Life Gives You Lemons"
by Gail Gifford

by Vi Darling

"Girl's Night Out"
by Beverley Main

"Faded Rose"
by Sharon Veldstra

"Little Teacup and Lilacs"
by Aganetha Sawatzky

"Signs of Spring"
by Roseanne Baird

"Below Blackfriars Bridge
by Joyce Rintoul

"You Light Up My Life"
by Carol Meredith

"Bobbin Lace"
by Toni Ciantar Poole

"In Full Bloom"
by Michele Haley

"Winding Winter Stream"
by Margaret Bakkenes

by Barbara Ludgate

"Now for Something Completely Different!"
by Catherine Eichstedt

by Jean Rosati

"Water Lily"
by Grazina Williams

"Pink Rocks, Stormy Sky"
by Gayle Kumpf



The Brush and Palette Club marks its 46th anniversary in 2018.  The Club originated when Dorothy Heaven, an artist and teacher, started painting sessions for a few interested women.  When the instruction ended, the group decided to stay together and formed the Brush and Palette Club.

At first, they met in the home of Wyn Slemon who continues to be a very active member of the group.  By 1989, the original group had grown to 50 and the need for increased space led them to meet in St. Aidan’s Church Hall.  This remained their home till 2016, when they moved to Riverside United Church. The membership is now at 110 members with 7 honorary members and a substantial waiting list.

The goals of the Club continue to be the same as when it started: to be a not-for-profit organization that provides a supportive environment for its members.  To that end, the Club is dedicated to offering a positive social atmosphere that encourages interaction and sharing of ideas.  The Club meets monthly (except for July and August) and has a potluck luncheon in September and a Christmas luncheon in December.  The Club provides opportunities for its members to learn more about art and artists through presentations by invited speakers or through excursions to visit art exhibitions.  A very important aspect of the Club is the program of seven one to three day hands-on workshops with distinguished artists on a wide variety of topics and in various media.  Two of the monthly meetings are devoted to having the members' works critiqued by a talented local artist.

 In addition to furthering the artistic talents of its members, the Club also strives to promote and encourage the visual arts in the community.  One such initiative is the granting of a $500 scholarship to an Oakridge Secondary School student who will be continuing on in the study of art after graduation.

Finally, each year in early April, the Club hosts its annual Show and Sale in the great hall of St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown London (Richmond and Queen’s Ave.)  Over 500 original works of art painted by the members are made available for sale to the public.  It represents the culmination of the group’s activities for the year.