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"A Hole in One"
by Len Hughes

"Springbank Path"
by Joyce Rintoul
"The Guardians"
by Dorothy dhunter Adams
"Soapy Suds and Duckies, Oh My"
by Wendy McEwen
"A Touch of Fall" by Anne McLean
"Golden Gate"
by Dorothy dhunter Adams
"Point Pelee Colour Wheel"
by Sheri Cappa
"Place of Dreams"
by Donna Rolston
"Through the Trees" by Anne McLean
"Nature's Poisonous Beauty"
by Wendy McEwen
"First St. Andrews United Church"
by Amelia Husnik
"Spring Has Sprung!"
by Marilyn Kidd
"Clothed with Stars"
by Beverley Main
"Heart of Gold"
by Beverley Main
"Cardinal Flowers" 
by Mike O'Malley
"Cameron Falls, N.W.T. by Donna Rolston
"Morning Light" by Anne McLean "Primal Call"
by Sharon Veldstra
by Sharon Veldstra
"Putting on the "Rit"
by Penny McLaughlin
"Free as a Bird"
by Lynne Pinchin
"Iris" by Penny McLaughlin
"Lone Cypress, Pebble Beach"
by Lynne Pinchin
"Sunkissed" by Lois Fuchs
"Beached" by Lois Fuchs
"The Mommy Vase"
by Lois Fuchs
"Lynda in Stitches"
by Betty DaCosta
"Country Barns" 
by Donna Rolston

"Silver & Gold"
Toni Ciantar Poole    

"Lemon Scent"
Toni Ciantar Poole 

"Rocky Shore"
Joanne Maddeford

Joanne Maddeford 

"Apple Blossom"
by Michele Stewart
"The Boss"
by Michele Stewart
  "A View on the River"
by Susan Moore
"Winter Mist"
by Susan Moore






1972 - 2020 


The Brush and Palette Club marks its 48th anniversary this year.  The Club originated when Dorothy Heaven, an artist and teacher, started painting sessions for a few interested women.  When the instruction ended, the group decided to stay together and formed the Brush and Palette Club.

At first, they met in the home of Wyn Slemon who continues to be a very active member of the group.  By 1989, the original group had grown to 50 and the need for increased space led them to meet in St. Aidan’s Church Hall.  This remained their home till 2016, when they moved to Riverside United Church. The membership is now at 110 members with 9 honorary members and a substantial waiting list.

The goals of the Club continue to be the same as when it started: to be a not-for-profit organization that provides a supportive environment for its members.  To that end, the Club is dedicated to offering a positive social atmosphere that encourages interaction and sharing of ideas.  The Club meets monthly (except for July and August) and has a potluck luncheon in September and a Christmas luncheon in December.  The Club provides opportunities for its members to learn more about art and artists through presentations by invited speakers or through excursions to visit art exhibitions.  A very important aspect of the Club is the program of seven one to three day hands-on workshops with distinguished artists on a wide variety of topics and in various media.  Some monthly meetings are devoted to having the members' works critiqued by a talented local artist.

 In addition to furthering the artistic talents of its members, the Club also strives to promote and encourage the visual arts in the community.  One such initiative is the granting of a $500 scholarship to a Secondary School student who will be continuing in the study of art after graduation.

Finally, this year  on March 26, 27 & 28, 2020 the Club will  host its annual Show and Sale in the great hall of St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown London (Richmond and Queen’s Ave.)  Over 500 original works of art painted by the members are made available for sale to the public.  It represents the culmination of the group’s activities for the year.