Brush and Palette Club

48th Annual Show and Sale, 2023


The Brush and Palette Club is happy to announce that their

                48th Annual Show and Sale 

will be held at St Paul's Cathedral on April 12 -15, 2023.




Awarded paintings at the 47th Annual Show and Sale, 2019
"My Cottage"
by Pam Wilkinson
"Summer Flowers I"
by Wendy Reid
"Autumn Fields"
by Kaaren Batten
by Sheri Cappa
"Summer Serenity"
by Margaret Bakkenes
"Grotesques, Paris"
by Amelia Husnik
"Castle in Austria"
by Helen Strifler
"Please Take One"
by Michele Stewart
"East London Cottage"
by Maribeth Stevenson
"The Mill"
by Gail Gifford
"Supersize My World"
by Roseanne Baird
"Forest's Lights"
by Anne McLean
"Seaside Morn"
by Joyce Rintoul
"Georgian Bay"
by Roxanne Jervis
"Collie on the Coulee"
by Lois Covington Fuchs
"Overlooking Cortona" by Dorothy dhunter Adams


Awarded paintings at the 46th Annual Show and Sale, 2018


"Bouquet" by Hilda Markson Gray "Chrysanthemums and Bosc Pears" by Aganetha Sawatzky "Cheese Please" by Susan Garrington
"New Barn" by Wyn Slemon "The Art Lover" by Lois Fuchs "The Watcher" by Sharon Velstra
"Bright Morning" by Dawn Johnston "Snowy Lake" by Mike O'Malley "Fruit" by Debra Bailey
"Shades of Green" by Joyce Rintoul "Piece of Portugal" by Mary Forrest "Busy Day in Rome" by Dawn Crowhurst
"When Life Gives You Lemons" by Gail Gifford "Summer Harvest" by Helen Bruzas "Evening Storm" by Betty Da Costa
"San Marco, Venice" by Amelia Husnik    


Awarded paintings at the 45th Annual Show and Sale, 2017


"Iris Flower" by Hilda Markson Gray

"Tea and Rose" by Aganetha Sawatzki

"Feather on Gold" by Grazina Williams

"Figures on Flying Buttresses, Den Bosch, Holland" by Amelia Husnik


'Vantage Point" by Patti Fisher "La View" by Pam Wilkinson
"Springbank Park" by Beverley Main
"Horse Farm Pastures" by Wendy Reid
"Piazza Rotonda" by Dawn Crowhurst
"Highland Cattle, Isle of Skye" by Lois Fuchs
"Sunbath" by Wendy Cakarnis
"Oh My Whiskers" by Sharon Brassard





"Magic Happen" by Mijo Kovacevic
"An Apple a Day" by Kate Collins-Thompson
"Grace" by Auke Van Holst  


Awarded paintings at the 44th Annual Show and Sale, 2016


"Rolling Hills"
by Dawn Johnston
"Streets of Colour"
by Pam Wilkinson
"Royal Blue"
by Sarah Cowling
by Jean Rosati
"White Magnolia"
by Aganetha Sawatzki
by Len Hughes
"Notre Dame, Paris"
by Amelia Husnik
"Poppy Field"
by Susan Garrington
"A Hound's Life"
by Gail Jongkind
"HIlltop Vista"
by Susan Moore
"Winter Shadows"
by Margaret Bakkenes
by Helen Bruzas
"Be Slill My Child and Learn"
by Auke van Holst
by Ron Mabee



Awarded paintings at the 43rd Annual Show and Sale, 2015

"Across the Bridge, Montolieu"
by Patti Fisher
"And All the Birds Sang"
by Hilda Markson Gray
"Blue Moon"
by Dawn Johnston
by Mary Forrest
by Helen Strifler
by Pam Wilkinson
"Strollng Along in Killarney Town" by Dawn Crowhurst "Canadian Maple Donut"
by Aganetha Sawatzki
"Silver Plated"
by Toni Ciantar Poole
"Zen Moment"
by Carol Meredith
"Niagara Maid of the Mist"
by Shirley Berecz
by Wendy Cakarnis
"The Wall"
by Sharon Brassard
by Helen Bruzas
"Tools of My Trade"
by Sarah Cowling



Awarded Paintings at the 42nd Annual Show and Sale, 2014

"Change 1" by Kate Collins-Thomson "Two Blue Hills" by Dawn Johnston
"Nature's Umbrellas" by Patti Fisher "Wings of Spring" by Aganetha Sawatzky
"Autumn Fields" by Susan Garrington "Lennie" by Wendy Cakarnis
"Near Sarnia Road" by Roxanne Jervis "Gold Rush" by Wendy Reid



Awarded Paintings at the 41st Annual Show and Sale, 2013